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Why are SEAC Apprenticeships so good?

Because apprentices are employed by SEAC and placed with 'Host Companies for the duration of their Apprenticeship, we offer several additional advantages over 'traditional Apprenticeships'.

  • Matched to You

SEAC helps find the ideal Apprenticeship for you. We focus on your talents and interests to find the right career path and then help find the Apprenticeship vacancy to match your ambition. We can even help with CV writing and interview advice.

  • Security

SEAC Apprenticeships are secure. If your Host Company cannot host you for your entire apprenticeship SEAC will search for an alternative placement to ensure that you can continue. We will even keep paying you for 2 weeks whilst this happens.

  • Reassurance

SEAC Apprenticeships are very safe and flexible. If things just don't work out and we will work hard to find you another Host Company.

  • Opportunity & Choice

We provide you with more opportunity. We can arrange 'multi location placements' if your chosen framework requires it, and spread your Apprenticeship over several Host Companies. You would gain wider experience and broader skills by being in more than one workplace. For example, an automotive apprentice could learn 'body work' at one company, and 'mechanics' at another.

  • Guidance & Support

If there are any problems, we are here to fix them! We want you to succeed so we provide excellent mentoring and continual support to ensure your Apprenticeship runs smoothly and is successful. We even have a 24 hour employee assistance program where you can talk confidentially about any personal life concerns.

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