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Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships


Q. What is an Apprentice?

A. The apprenticeship scheme is a Government-funded incentive enabling people of all ages to train while they're working.

Q. What is SEAC?

A. SEAC Apprenticeship Management is one of a number of Apprenticeship Training Agencies (ATAs) set up throughout England. It aims to bring together key training providers to create additional Apprenticeship opportunities.

The Apprenticeships will be geared towards key sectors in the South East - from retailing to manufacturing and engineering - and businesses of all sizes - from start-up companies to multinationals and is designed to take on the full employer responsibility for the Apprentice whilst they are on placement with you as a Host company.

Q. What are the benefits of taking on a SEAC apprentice?

A. SEAC is a one-stop shop for all your apprenticeship requirements. We will work with you to agree the role of an apprentice in your organisation and then, if required, screen and interview potential candidates. We will employ the apprentice and take care of all the 'red tape' such as payroll, tax and National Insurance. We will also oversee the training provision - choosing a provider for your apprentice or working with a provider chosen by you.

Host companies can also benefit from recruitment of new talent and skills, a flexible workforce, high quality of work, increased employee satisfaction and reduced costs. We will deal with all HR matters and fully support you with performance management for the duration of the apprenticeship.

Q. How long does a SEAC apprenticeship last?

A. SEAC apprenticeships are extremely flexible. The duration of the Apprenticeship will depend on the specific Apprenticeship qualification but on average it is 12-18 months, with some exceptions. You will be expected to host the Apprentice for the entire duration but a job share opportunity may be available.

Q. What do I need to do to host an apprentice?

A. An apprentice will need a designated supervisor or manager and will require an induction and training in areas that are new to them or unique to your organisation. Your working environment should comply with Health & Safety standards and your organisation will need to have an Equal Opportunities Policy. The Apprentice’s job role must be a minimum of 30 hours per a week (inclusive of any off the job training required).

Q. How involved with the training will my company need to be?

A. Apprentices don't study in the conventional way - the training element is integrated into their day-to-day role and responsibilities. SEAC will identify and manage the most appropriate training programme for each apprentice to suit your business needs. Apprentices undertake a NVQ or Diploma, Technical Certificate qualifications that have national recognition and Key Skills. You will be required to provide in house/on the job training in the specific tasks required in the job role. The Apprentice will need to be provided with time to train. This may involve day realise or block release or their attendance at workshops away from your premises or require them to complete online assignments during work hours. The Apprentice must also be allowed time to spend with their assessor in the work place. You will be required to assign a Workplace Supervisor to the Apprentice to ensure that he/she is fully supported.

Q. How are apprentices supervised?

A. SEAC, the training provider and the host company are all involved in the supervision of the apprentice. On a day to day basis the Apprentice will be supervised by their Workplace Supervisor. A dedicated Apprenticeship Account Manager will be assigned to your company for the duration of the Apprenticeship who will be responsible for supporting you in the performance management of the Apprentice and will work closely to you to resolve any performance or behavioural issues as they arise.

Q. How are apprentices chosen and selected?

A. SEAC is happy to take on full responsibility for screening and interviewing potential candidates to shortlist stage with the final decision on the successful candidate being yours. Alternatively, we can offer advice and support if your organisation prefers to handle this side of things.

Q. What happens if I find the apprentice unsuitable or I no longer need him/her?

A. SEAC offers a unique safety net enabling you to return your apprentice to us if you're not completely satisfied or if your needs change. We have regular contact with you as well as your apprentice and will act promptly in an impartial problem solving role to resolve issues as they arise.

Q. What do I do next if I want to host an Apprentice?

A. SEAC is keen to learn more about your business and recruitment needs. We would be happy to meet you at your premises to discuss how we could help meet your requirements. Get in touch with us now or call Irene on 07587 131 947 for an immediate response .