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Health & Safety

The health, safety and welfare our Apprentices is a fundamental value of SEAC. All employees/apprentices are entitled to work and learn in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.

The Host Companies

We expect all Host Companies who provide placements for SEAC Apprentices and Training Providers to fully meet their legal obligations and will seek assurance that they have suitable and sufficient arrangements to ensure Apprentice Health and Safety.

We promote risk education and awareness and the learning of how to comply with Health and Safety requirements and responsibilities as an integral part of our service. We will encourage and support the raising of standards, working in partnership with Host Companies and Training Providers, to ensure a high level of protection of our employees including apprentices, contractors, customers and the public.

SEAC is committed to:

  • Preventing accidents and ill health in all aspects of the company's operations
  • Identifying, controlling, reducing or eliminating Health and Safety risks associated with our activities
  • Complying with all regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Training all of our employees including Apprentices on Health and Safety matters
  • In partnership with Host companies and Training providers, creating a working environment in which all individuals feel safe.
  • Ensuring adequate resources are available to fulfill this policy

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