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Apprentice Success Story

Friday 30 July, 2021

Olivia was originally recruited by SEAC (an ATA) to be an Analytical Apprentice Technician on placement with 3M UK Plc, before transferring to be hosted by Kindeva. In September 2017 Olivia commenced the Advanced Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship, she applied herself showing effort and commitment, impressing her work placement. Upon completion Olivia was offered the opportunity to progress and commence a Level 6 Laboratory Scientist Degree Apprenticeship, she jumped at the chance and has excelled! When a permanent opportunity became available with Kindeva she was provided with the chance of continuing her degree studies with a permanent job – a well-deserved success.

In her own words, this is Olivia’s story:

“After finishing my A levels in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had already applied for university but didn’t feel that I really wanted to go. My school didn’t really help as they tried to persuade people to go to university, but my other friend finished his AS level and went into an electrical apprenticeship. This inspired me to look for an apprenticeship in Chemistry, as this was my favourite topic at school. After searching on the government website, I found an apprenticeship on placement at 3M as a Laboratory Technician and decided to apply. All that was required was a few details about why I wanted to do the apprenticeship, how I would be suited for the role and how I work in a team.”  

“I had a call from SEAC asking if I would like to attend an interview, I was successful and the rest is history! I am not originally from Loughborough and so I moved to accommodate the job and managed to get on the property ladder at just 19. One of my biggest achievements to date, and I definitely would never have done it, nor be able to do it, without this apprenticeship. Two years down the line after finishing my Level 3 BTEC, I needed to decide what I wanted to do next and so I looked at my options and found a Level 6 course (BSc Hons Chemistry with Industry) at the University of Nottingham. I asked my manager if this is something that 3M and SEAC could allow me to do and here I am, two years into the course with no regrets. The transition from the end of my Level 3 course to the beginning of my Level 6 course was simple, straight forward and all I needed to do was sign a few papers. SEAC were completely on the ball and made sure everything moved as smoothly as possible.”  

“To do an apprenticeship is not easy. People have a misconception that it means less than going to university straight from school. But it’s not true. I not only study part-time, but I also work full-time too. I now have nearly 4 years of experience and a lot of doors open to new opportunities. Thanks to SEAC, I have now been made a permanent employee.”

“The support from SEAC has been great, regular check ins, calls and emails. I also gave feedback for quarterly reviews about how I was getting on at work, university and everything in between. My supervisor was also required to submit a review about how I was getting on. If I ever had any issues, I would always be contacted to go through them and find a way to overcome them. I have gained so many skills, responsibilities, friends and memories from this apprenticeship that I otherwise may not have experienced.”

Congratulations Olivia and best wishes for the future from the whole SEAC team.