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Apprenticeship Levy: how it will work update

Friday 22 April, 2016

Further information on the operating model of the apprenticeship levy was promised to help UK employers understand how the levy will operate from April 2017 and how funding for apprenticeship training in England will be accessed by all employers, whether they pay the levy or not.

We know that employers are keen to understand more about how the levy will operate and todays publication of the ‘employer guide’ is intended to be operational: something that employers can refer to so that they can use to prepare ahead of the levy implementation in April 2017 and give them information on how they will access funding for apprenticeships, what they will be able to spend the funding on and how.

The guide will be updated regularly and it will focus on the following key areas:

•             Paying the apprenticeship levy

•             What happens to the money once it is paid to HMRC

•             Buying apprenticeship training

•             What apprenticeship funding is available

•             Eligibility for training

•             Preparing for the introduction of the apprenticeship levy

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