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Careers Networking Event

Friday 11 March, 2016

The Mark Rutherford Upper School in Bedford hosted a fantastic Careers Networking Event for their sixth formers and Julie from SEAC was invited to attend and advise all about Apprenticeships.

The school decided to try out a new approach for their sixth formers who were uncertain about their career direction and future development options. They decided to trial a 'speed dating' style meeting to enable the students to have a five minute meeting with different employers and learning development professionals to discuss their options.

Julie thought that this was a really interesting event and felt certain that the young people who attended gained real benefit from talking to a variety of individuals about their future options "I met some fantastic youngsters and we spoke about a variety of apprenticeship options and also alternatives - I like to mix it up a bit! I’m now expecting at least two CVs to hit my inbox very soon of young people who are really keen for me to try and support them into teaching assistant apprenticeships locally".

This event at the Mark Rutherford Upper School in Bedford was arranged by Kath Unwin, the schools Librarian and Careers Coordinator.

The school have also been participating in the BBC School Report 2016 and in the latest update they covered the Careers Networking Event (from 8.33):