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Employability Skills

Thursday 4 July, 2019

Every job that you apply for will have specific skills that are required by the employer but most will also be looking for more general employability skills that will help your application stand out.

When you are just starting out in the working world it can be difficult to identify your job/employability skills and you may need to look to hobbies, school, voluntary work or even your family life to identify examples of skills that you do have.

We will take a look at some common employability skills that are required in most jobs:


You are able to be clear and concise about what you mean and how you express yourself when you communicate with others, both verbally and written. You also need to show that you listen carefully to others and can relate to what they are expressing.


You have the ability to get along with others from different disciplines, backgrounds and expertise to accomplish a shared objective/task.

Problem solving

You have the ability to understand a problem by breaking it down into smaller parts to find the key issues, implications and identify solutions. You can apply your knowledge to solve tasks.


You have new ideas of your own which can be made into a reality and show a strong personal drive without needing to wait to be told to do things. This includes being resourceful, using your imagination and common sense.


You are able to plan tasks to meet deadlines and targets, including monitoring progress of work to ensure you are on track. You can work methodically to bring structure to your work environment.


If you describe yourself as dependable it means that you are trustworthy and reliable.

Easy to get along with

You understand the value of diversity and what it can bring, you are understanding and considerate of the different needs of different individuals. You respect other people, are kind and steer clear of gossip!

Open to learning new things

You are enthusiastic when challenged with something new at work, are willing to improve your knowledge and can identify ways to learn from your mistakes for the benefit of both you and your employer.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that if you have highlighted specific skills in your job application you can provide examples that demonstrate your abilities, this is especially important if you are invited to interview.