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Expanding our Apprenticeship services to The South West

Thursday 1 December, 2016

We are delighted to say that we have now expanded our highly respected apprenticeship services to the South West of England. Our expansion helps to ensure that more and more companies are able to benefit from our trusted and reliable apprenticeship services.  


Apprentices and businesses across the South West are now also able to benefit from the wealth of experience and strong reputation that SEAC has successfully developed from many years of successful recruitment across the South East.

This experience has helped us to develop a quick and simple to use registration and application process. Simply complete the online form, let us know the area of apprenticeship you are interested in and we’ll help you locate the perfect opportunity for you.


At SEAC we pride ourselves on being an innovative apprenticeship management company delivery high quality Apprenticeships to businesses. We eliminate the risk and hassle of hiring new recruits – taking care of the details from initial advice right through to actual placements. We’re delighted that businesses across the South West are able to benefit from our risk free service.

Businesses can benefit from apprenticeship service including:

  • Consultation with you to decide on the role of an apprentice or apprentices
  • Screening and interviewing of each prospective apprentice
  • Shortlisting the most fitting applicants for your job role
  • Arranging government-funded training for each apprentice
  • Direct employment of the apprentice
  • Flexibility - you can to decide not to continue with the apprenticeship should your circumstances change
  • Dedicated Apprenticeship Support Consultant provides full support for the duration of the placement
  • Training and support provided by a local, quality assured training provider

Cities across the South West

Our expansion to the South West now means that businesses and apprentices in cities such as Bristol, Bath, Exeter and Bournemouth can all now benefit from our respected apprenticeship services.

If you would like to find our more how recruiting an apprentice can help you and your business, please call us on 0844 879 3239 or email us at