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First steps towards a Teaching Apprenticeship Standard

Wednesday 23 November, 2016

A group of schools who are hoping to create a fully vocational pathway to qualified teacher status (QTS) have had the plans for a new apprenticeship standard for Teaching Assistants approved by Government.

Back in November 2015 SEAC Operations Manager, Irene Hoare, and Buckinghamshire County Council hosted a meeting and invited a group of schools and Training Providers to help secure the future of Apprentice Teaching Assistants/Learning Support Assistants. City & Guilds proposed to support schools and LEAs with administration of the submission process, completing relevant forms, hosting future meetings as well as advising and guiding the group. As a result the framework, drawn up by 11 schools in Buckinghamshire and the West Midlands, will allow Apprentice Teaching Assistants to get level 3 qualifications equivalent to A-levels while training on the job.

Although Apprenticeships for Teaching Assistants and similar classroom positions have been available for some time, this was the first bid that made clear its intention of creating a vocational route to QTS. Standards for the TA pathway are now being finalised.  

Jenny Brinkworth, Office Manager at Buckinghamshire’s Hughenden primary school said that representatives from City & Guilds, National Schools Training (NST), Walsall College, Buckinghamshire Adult Learning, Profile Development and Training and Hackney Learning Trust had been invited to play “important supporting roles on the creation of the trailblazer standard and assessment plan”.

The group believes that the scheme could help to boost the number of trainees entering teaching and meet the government’s pledge of generating three million apprenticeship starts by 2020.

SEAC believes that this is a fantastic opportunity for the continuation of Teaching Assistant Apprenticeships after the switch from frameworks to standards and will help secure employment for young people wanting to enter into this industry.