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Great reasons to work with Apprenticeship Training Agencies

Friday 22 November, 2019

What is an Apprenticeship Training Agency?

Apprenticeship Training Agencies (ATAs) offer a unique approach to the recruitment of apprentices, they recruit, employ and arrange training for apprentices on behalf of employers.  They are specifically designed to support employers who wish to take on an apprentice but are unable to in the current economic climate.

Are Apprenticeship Training Agencies regulated?

To be eligible to operate an Apprenticeship Training Agency, organisations must be registered on the ‘Register of approved ATAs’. Organisations listed on the register have been through an application process with the ESFA that takes into account due diligence, financial management and operational details.

Why work with an Apprenticeship Training Agency?

The key benefit of the Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) model is that it is the ATA acts as the apprentices employer, placing them with a ‘Host Company’. Other benefits include;

  • recruitment – finding the right apprentice to meet the ‘Host Company’ needs;
  • payroll services - responsibility for the wages, tax and National Insurance;
  • apprentice support - including performance management;
  • approved training provider connections – introducing access to high quality training;
  • ‘Host Company’ support – administration and support throughout the Apprenticeship;
  • flexibility to both the ‘Host Company’ and apprentice - if circumstances change the ATA will find alternative and appropriate employment for the apprentice giving them the reassurance that they can continue their Apprenticeship.

What does an ATA charge?

The ‘Host Company’ pays the ATA a fee for their service. As a general rule the fee is based on the wage that the ‘Host Company’ agrees to pay the apprentice and the ATAs management fee.

Who are SEAC Recruitment Services Ltd?

SEAC Recruitment Services Ltd are one of the founding Apprenticeship Training Agencies and have been helping match businesses and apprentices for many years.

We are experts in all things to do with apprenticeships and have a wealth of experience employing apprentices on behalf of ‘Host Companies’, where they will be placed for the duration of the apprenticeship. Our team has a passion for helping all types of organisations, ranging from SMEs to large corporates, schools, NHS Trusts, charities and Local Government.

Benefits of working with SEAC Recruitment Services Ltd?

SEAC provides a fully managed apprenticeship service including;

  • a dedicated Account Manager;
  • help identifying where an apprentice could fit in your business;
  • full recruitment, including telephone screening to provide you with a short list to interview and select your apprentice from;
  • arrangement of the relevant apprenticeship framework or standard through a quality training provider who are one of our trusted delivery partners;
  • advice and guidance on the funding routes (levy and non-levy);
  • apprentice placement;
  • HR services;
  • payroll services;
  • ongoing support/advice to both you and your apprentice.

What types of apprenticeship can SEAC help support?

We are able to provide support to businesses / organisations of all sizes and have placed apprentices a wide range of places, including:

  • SMEs of all types
  • Large corporates of all types
  • Schools
  • NHS Trusts (including Hospitals and GP surgeries)
  • Charities
  • Local Government

Please contact us if you would like to find more about how we could work with your business / organisation.

What geographical areas do SEAC work in?

As suggested in our name we predominately work with businesses / organisations based in the South East of England, including: Kent, Medway, London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex. However, we do have apprentices further afield so please contact us to find out how we can help you.

The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy was introduced in April 2017, it is essentially an additional payroll tax, set at 0.5% of an employer’s annual pay bill* and collected through PAYE. The levy affects all employers with a presence in the UK and an annual pay bill of more than £3 million. This includes everyone from businesses to charities to schools, regardless of the sector they cover. Also, groups of companies under a common ownership structure are treated as one business.

* Your pay bill is based on the total amount of earnings subject to National Insurance Contributions. Any person who is on your payroll and paid through PAYE is included in your pay bill. Earnings include any remuneration or profit coming from employment, such as pay, bonuses, commissions, and pension contributions that you pay National Insurance on.

The levy amount is collected monthly by HMRC, and the funding is made available to employers via a digital account. Funds in your digital account can only be used towards the costs of apprenticeship training and spent with an approved training provider.

How can I work with an ATA such as SEAC if I am a Levy Payer?

If you are a levy paying company you are allowed to transfer up to a maximum 25% of your annual apprenticeship levy funds to pay for the delivery of apprenticeship standards in connection with apprentices employed by SEAC who are placed with you as a ‘Host Company’. The levy funds are paid via a digital account to cover the cost of the apprentices training.

Levy-paying employers who wish to transfer funds will have to agree the individual apprenticeships that will be funded by a transfer with the employer receiving the funds. Employers receiving transferred funds will only be able to use them to pay for training and assessment for apprenticeship standards. Transferred funds cannot be used to pay for training and assessment for apprenticeship frameworks.

Alternatively as SEAC are a non-levy paying company we can provide you with the option of using the “co-funded route” via SEAC, this is to fund the apprenticeship training. Our experienced Account Managers can advise you regarding what the best option could be for your company and are happy to talk through all options.

How to work with SEAC as a Non-Levy Payer or via the Co-Funded route.

Non-levy paying employers (like SEAC) will share the cost of training and assessing their apprentices with the Government. You will now pay 5% towards the cost of apprenticeship training, the government will pay the rest (95%) up to the funding band maximum. Due to a potential incentive, and dependant on the cost of the training, in most cases there will be no charge for apprentices aged 16-18 or for 19-24 year old apprentices with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

There are 2 different types of apprenticeships to choose from via the co-funded route:

  • apprenticeship standards - each standard covers a specific occupation and sets out the core skills, knowledge and behaviours an apprentice will need; they are developed by employer groups known as ‘trailblazers’
  • apprenticeship frameworks - a series of work-related vocational and professional qualifications, with workplace- and classroom-based training

Want to find out more?

The team at SEAC are passionate about apprenticeships, contact us now to arrange a ‘no obligation’ chat with one of Account Managers. Let us help you to help the next generation of workers with a quality apprenticeship.