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Make the most of your apprenticeship

Thursday 24 October, 2019

Every apprenticeship journey is different, the qualification, the duration and the work experience but as an apprentice you have the ability to direct your overall experience. Here are a few tips to help you:

Be committed – make sure that the apprenticeship qualification you choose is what you want to do and commit to the job and qualification.

Ask questions – do not be afraid to ask for help if you are unsure about how to do something or if you need work advice.

Be professional – you need to adapt to your working environment; your appearance, behaviour at work and how you interact with your colleagues.

Get a good nights sleep – make sure you turn up to work refreshed and ready for the new day.

Be enthusiastic – appreciate the opportunity that you have and show your enthusiasm, all jobs may have small tasks that are not the most exciting but show you do them well and they could lead to more interesting things.

Attention to detail - complete everything that is required of you during your apprenticeship, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Be helpful – make a great impression by offering to take on other tasks or assist colleagues every time you get the chance.

Suggest ideas – once you are settled in the job, if you have an idea about how something could be done differently do share them with your manager, they will appreciate your input.

Be on time – being punctual is a must in the work place and also if attending college or meetings.

‘A problem shared’ – if you have a problem do not let it affect you, talk to your manager or a trusted colleague. As an apprentice you will also be assigned a tutor/assessor by your Training Provider and they will also be able to offer advice.

Follow the rules – most work places will have rules for all staff and it is important that you respect them. One key distraction can be your mobile phone, even if there is not a specific rule about personal communication during work hours it is best to keep your own phone out of reach and avoid temptation!

There are many ways you can make a great impression at work and these are only a few suggestions.

SEAC apprentices are assigned a dedicated Account Manager and Support Coordinator, the team is committed to helping you get the most out of your apprenticeship experience. Our current vacancies can be found here and more information about how we can help you can be found here.