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SEAC Apprentice of the Month Awards

Wednesday 10 February, 2021

SEAC apprentices are supported in different workplaces and complete a wide variety of roles and apprenticeships so we ask our wonderful Host Companies to let us know when a particular apprentice has gone above and beyond!

When we receive a nomination form for any apprentice the whole team enjoys taking some time to read why the apprentice deserves some extra recognition. When we receive multiple nominations in a month we discuss the nomination form along with our own experiences of the apprentice from our regular contact and select a winner.

Since we introduced our Apprentice of the Month award we have received lots of nominations and have had the pleasure of awarding some very deserving winners. Some of our latest winners include:


Adele Ludlow - Customer Service Representative Apprentice on placement with 3M

For taking on and successfully driving several projects that involved a large amount of research, networking, collating and sharing information. Demonstrating strong presentation skills, initiative and accuracy.


James Cail - Test Laboratory Apprentice on placement with 3M

For impressing with his strong work ethic, initiative, attention to detail, willingness to help others and for making an impact to 3Ms response to COVID-19 on a global level.


Joe D’Arcy - Teaching Assistant Apprentice on placement with St Augustine Junior School

For showing initiative, adaptability, positive and calm attitude, having an excellent rapport with the children, great interpersonal skills and outstanding level of work.


Martine Croxton - Customer Service Representative Apprentice on placement with 3M

For her problem solving and initiative, being a positive team member and willingly supporting her peers in their work.


James Shipton - IT Apprentice on placement with TRB Lightweight Structures

For achieving a distinction in his Level 3 Apprenticeship, improving business security awareness and being a valued member of the team, trusted by colleagues throughout the company.


Kai Fellows - Process Control Technician Apprentice on placement with The University of Greenwich

For achieving a high standard of work, showing initiative and taking ownership of projects, having great interpersonal skills and 'going above and beyond in his role.


Chelsea Hourd - Laboratory Technician Apprentice on placement with 3M

For showing initiative and commitment to work, being proactive and enthusiastic to take on new challenges, being a strong team player and attentive to the needs of colleagues.


James Forshaw - Apprentice Project Management Coordinator on placement with 3M

For his mature and enthusiastic attitude, demonstrating strong problem-solving skills, initiative and achieving a very high standard of work.


Carly Smeed - Business & Administration Apprentice on placement with 3M

For being a great team player and demonstrating a positive attitude, enthusiasm and innovation.


Tiffany Cairney - Teaching Assistant Apprentice on placement with Bedgrove Infant School

For positive attitude, strong work ethic, enthusiasm and initiative.


Well done to all of our apprentices regardless of whether you have won an award, we are proud of all your achievements and the contributions you make to your Host Companies!