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Apprentice of the Month

SEAC Apprentice of the Month – September

Friday 11 October, 2019

The SEAC team are proud to announce that Adele Ludlow, who is a Customer Service Representative Apprentice on placement with 3M, has been awarded Apprentice of the Month for September.

Adele’s work place supervisor at 3M, Emma Sparling, nominated Adele in recognition of her outstanding work:

“Excellent standard of work - carrying out tasks that are way above the level expected of her, rarely makes a mistake, is knowledge sharing and training new starters, very quick to pick up and use initiative on any new tasks and this has been commented upon in feedback from colleagues.”

“Keen to do well and keep busy. Always cheerful and well-liked by her team even though she only worked with them for a few months. Seeks out feedback from business she has been working with. Her ability to quickly understand the role and move on with picking up different everyday tasks has been complimented by multiple members of the Customer Service Team.”

Well done and Congratulations Adele!