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The drive to build a school

Tuesday 25 July, 2017

Education and the promotion of skills are at the heart of what drives the staff at SEAC to work hard to provide apprenticeship opportunities for people in England. I decided to take a step into the unknown and join a group of like-minded people whose objective was to raise the funds to cover the build of a new pre-school in Uganda.

Earlier this month I joined the annual Parenta Trust banger rally, driving from Maidstone to Monaco, travelling through 8 countries in just 5 days! It is a rally rather than a race, so all of the teams mainly travelled together in convoy, we attracted lots of attention from other motorists; lots of waving, beeping of horns and photos being taken. Every evening, we pitched tents in campsites and spent time getting to know our fellow drivers. This proved to be an epic journey and included the opportunity to drive though the Alps, taking on the legendary Furka Pass and Grand St Bernard Pass. The experience and scenery can only be described as awesome!

It was without a doubt an incredible adventure, the camaraderie and friendships made were wonderful and we raised just over an incredible £15,000. We were driving in sweltering temperatures that caused a fair amount of mechanical faults in the strange but fun group of vehicles, however, unlike ‘Top Gear Rules’ we made sure that nobody was left behind. Our motley crew was formed of; a car covered in brown fake fur aka ‘The Furry Beast’, the ‘Tank’ (yes – I really mean a car made to look like a tank with a turret, commander hatch and large plastic gun barrel!) a car covered in purple fake fur aka ‘The Animal’, ‘The Boy Racer’, plus an MG and an old style Mini.

To date Parenta Trust have funded the build of four nursery schools in Uganda, this has been achieved in partnership with Fields of Life who manage the projects on the ground. Together these schools provide in excess of 600 children with a quality pre-school education. This has an astounding impact on the people living in these communities. Not only are the children taught important academic subjects but they also learn things that will make them healthier and safer throughout their lives.

Next years rally dates have been set as the 27th June 2018 to the 1st July 2018,  if you would like to take part in this wonderful adventure please visit for more information.

I promise that this is one trip that you could never live to regret.