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Training Providers continue to rate highly in SFA satisfaction surveys

Monday 21 March, 2016

Findings collected for the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) from both the employer satisfaction survey (which ran from March to July 2015) and the learner satisfaction survey (which ran from November 2014 to March 2015), have been published to help learners find the best training for them. The results will also help employers make informed choices about publicly-funded education and training, based on provider performance.

· training providers are getting behind the government’s apprenticeship drive - 97% of workplaces providing SFA funded learning are delivering apprenticeships

· 78% of employers were positive about the professionalism of their providers’ staff

· 77% would recommend their provider to other employers

More than 300,000 learners participated in the learner satisfaction survey and more than 54,000 employers took part in the employer satisfaction survey. Participating employers provided feedback on 713 providers, including general further education, colleges, independent learning providers and other public-funded organisations and specialist colleges.

In the employer survey:

· 74% of employers rated their providers as being flexible in delivering training and using up-to-date industry practices

· 73% of employers said they are happy with the overall efficiency of their provider and were very satisfied with the benefits and quality of the training delivered to their organisation

· 72% are happy with their provider’s understanding of their training needs

· employers reported that there is room for improvement in providers’ clarity of communication, giving a score of 14%

On the learner survey, 74% rated their provider highly. Learners on apprenticeships were slightly more satisfied with their provider than learners who were classroom based, and private training providers were rated more highly than others.

Information provided by the Skills Funding Agency.

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