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Valuing the contribution of our apprentices

Thursday 22 November, 2018

We have worked in partnership with Wycombe District Council to support them with the entire process of providing apprenticeship opportunities.

They recently spoke with two of their current apprentices, find out more by Meeting Wycombe District Councils Apprentices

Key quotes from these Business Administration Apprentices include:

Olivia -

“I was hesitant at first as lots of the apprenticeships I found online were for much smaller businesses where I felt career development opportunities may not be likely. I soon came into contact with a welcoming lady at SEAC who reviewed my CV and recommended my current apprenticeship based on what she knew of me.”

“I’ve found that doing an apprenticeship has prepared me well for my next career steps. I have gained an advantage over other people my age as I have already experienced 15 months within a working environment.”

Stefania –

“Every person I work with has a positive attitude and is always available to help if there is a problem. I have a line manager as main support with my training and I also have a mentor, who provides any additional support to develop my skills but is also available if I have any issues.”


If you are interested in supporting a SEAC Apprentice through your business/school/organisation then find out more about how SEAC works or email us at and one of our Account Managers will call you back to answer all of your questions.