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What is it like to work with SEAC to #Buildthefuture with Apprenticeships?

Thursday 11 February, 2021

To give you a glimpse into the experience that you can expect if you decide to support an apprentice in your organisation with SEAC we have put together some of the lovely feedback that we have received. Also a few of our former apprentices share their opinions on being employed and supported as an apprentice by us.

The SEAC team are dedicated to providing the best apprenticeship experience to all of our Host Companies and Apprentices, it is wonderful when they take the time to let us know how we performed for them!

A few testimonials from some of our Host Companies:

“We wanted to take on someone who could be trained in and offer assistance with all aspects of the business and we also wanted to able to provide a young person with a great opportunity to enter the world of work and allow them to gain experience and knowledge the way I did. SEAC communicated with us throughout the whole process. Our Account Manager kept us updated and put forward some great candidates. We have valued the helpful and friendly staff at SEAC and also the speed and smoothness of the service they provided.” Heidi (Heidi completed her apprenticeship with SEAC at Geoforte and is now Office Manager and supporting other young people), Geoforte, Kent

"The support and contact provided by SEAC has been excellent.   Would recommend to others if wanted to follow the apprenticeship route for employment." Tony Kalli, Halling Primary School

“The concept of the SEAC service is excellent; we take them in young and train them in the way that we need them to work. The process was pretty smooth, it is up to the individual to decide how best to combine their work for our company with their training for the apprenticeship qualification. A measure of the success of this approach is that most of the apprentices have been offered employment once their apprenticeships are completed.” Wendy McDonald, Rainbo Supplies, Crawley

“It has genuinely been a pleasure dealing with yourself and everybody else from your organization. I can honestly say you made the whole process easy compared to some of the painful stories we hear from our people who have taken on apprentices from other organisations. I am also very grateful that you managed to find Aleksandar who couldn’t be more ideal and fitting with regards to the type of employee we were looking for. Once again thank you very much for everything.” Solve IT Enterprises Limited

"I have found the apprenticeship scheme with SEAC more supportive than others for the following reasons: Well briefed to establish a partnership with ourselves. Candidates are of good calibre for an interview/job role. Apprentice management by yourselves and us has been working well. Good development with apprentice on both practical and theoretical HR management i.e. timesheets/holiday great with reminders on your portal. Currently I would recommend and look for new apprentices with you so keep up the good work, just like the apprentices." Nav Stephen, Cat5 Comms, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

"Giving the chance of a life long dream career to a young person and seeing them develop and grow in front of you, is very rewarding and now thanks to the apprenticeships is a reality. Not only do you get the chance to give someone an opportunity that they wouldn't of otherwise gotten, you also get a keen, hard working individual, who is full of energy and ideas. A wonderful experience with SEAC." Louise Pennington-Lawrence, Pets at Home, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

"Our SEAC Account Manager is a great support and always available for advice and support we are very lucky to have such a good working relationship she is always open to ideas and happy to work with me on supporting the apprentices when issues arise. The SEAC staff have a great knowledge of the apprenticeship scheme and are great at supporting and engaging the apprentices and always have their best interest at heart. Our SEAC Account Manager is very caring and empathetic and has regular review meetings with the apprentices. We have had some amazing results from being engaged with the SEAC Apprenticeship scheme which has resulted in apprentices being recruited in full-time admin posts." Isabel Howitt, Business Support Coordinator, Bucks County Council, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

"Our Account Manager provided us with some good candidates which enabled us to choose the person who we thought would be the best person for our school. SEAC were able to support us through the process and have continued to do so during the period of our apprenticeship scheme. We would certainly consider using their services again." Allyson Stevenette, The Beeches Primary School, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

"From the initial enquiry to the appointment of our apprentice the service from SEAC has been first class. Would thoroughly recommend." Ann Gore (Head Teacher), Halling Primary School, Halling, Rochester, Kent

"The service that we have received from SEAC has been great. We had numerous applications for our Admin Apprentice role and all had been pre-screened by SEAC. Taking on our first Admin Apprentice has been fantastic. Seeing Alex grow into the role and his confidence build on a day to day basis has been a satisfying experience for all involved. Alex is now an integral part of our team and we couldn’t be happier. I would fully recommend taking on an apprentice." Andrew Quinn, Konecranes Demag UK Ltd, Rochester, Kent

Some feedback from a few of our former apprentices:

"I found this opportunity by looking on the apprenticeship job website and applying for the vacancy. The main benefits of my apprenticeship are being able to learn job specific skills on the job whilst I still get the benefit of pay. My apprenticeship is very relevant to my job role and I am gaining the relevant skills to work in administration. SEAC and my Host Company worked together efficiently and care about my progress." Lily (Business & Administration Apprentice)

“Thank you and the whole (SEAC) team for the help and support during the apprenticeship. It was a real joy to participate in the program and the result is more than satisfying. I have accepted the job offered me by my Host Company which makes me very happy. Thank you very much again and I hope you will continue to give young people such a great opportunity!” Aleksandar (Advanced Infrastructure Technician Network+ Apprenticeship)

“The SEAC staff were very friendly, very understanding and regularly checked in with me to make sure that everything was ok and making sure that I was seeing my tutor regularly and that I was making good progress with my qualification. The qualifications and experience I gained through the apprenticeship have been a great help to me and something that I am now extremely grateful that I did. I would recommend SEAC and their apprenticeships highly to anyone that is looking into doing one.” Liam (Business & Administration Apprentice)

“Through my apprenticeship scheme I have gained new skills and experiences as well as lifelong friends. Although I had a few struggles at the start of the apprentice with my exams, SEAC and my Host Company supported me through this which enabled me to complete both level 3 and level 4 AAT. I hope to build on my skills and put my training into practise at my time with 3M, which will eventually allow me to study further onto ACCA.” Molly (Finance Apprentice)

"I hadn't done anything like this previously, it was new to me but there were always people to support me. SEAC was very helpful throughout. My SEAC Apprenticeship Support Coordinator could be contacted anytime if I had queries or needed guidance. I found working with them very enjoyable. They made my first full time work experience less daunting. Now I am employed by my host organisation in the Human Resources Department as a Learning and Development Assistant." Megan (Business & Administration Apprentice)

"I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship with SEAC, I gained skills in a way which suited me and I enjoyed doing it whilst working and earning money at the same time. I have been able to learn the different areas of how a business works, my tutor came to my workplace to see me which was very convenient and there was always help at hand if needed. Being employed by SEAC whilst working in a different company gave me more support as I was supported by SEAC, my Host Company and Training Provider." Michelle (Business Administration Apprentice)

“I have really enjoyed my apprenticeship and have always had excellent support from my manager here and SEAC, especially when faced with difficulty. Achieving AAT Level 3 and 4 will enable me to continue my career into accountancy and give me the platform I need to study further to become fully qualified. I have also picked up many new skills from Host Company as I have had the chance to work in two departments, allowing me to see different sides to accountancy and gain confidence.” Amy (Finance Apprentice)

"I have learnt great Customer Service skills and made a lot of new friends. I thought there would be a lot of hard work but found it easy with the great support that I received. Working for SEAC was really easy, thank you for all your help and support." Megan (Customer Service Apprentice)

“Since starting this apprenticeship it has opened many doorways for me in the way that I can still go to university and get a law degree by just doing an apprenticeship. After many months of deciding whether or not to do an apprenticeship I choose to do it and progress further. An apprenticeship has helped me so much in building my confidence and moulding me into a young independent woman. SEAC have helped me on this journey so far and have continued to do so, especially my SEAC Account Manager who has helped me gain confidence and become the person I am today. So for that reason Thank you.”  Humah (Business Support Administrator Apprentice)

“An Apprenticeship has helped me to become more confident and has helped me put my foot in the door and has helped me gain qualifications for my future. SEAC is an amazing company and has supported me throughout and I have come so far from where I was a few years ago. Thank you." Hannah (Business Support Assistant Apprentice)

"I started my apprenticeship in March 2016. Right from the very beginning I have felt confident with SEAC and 100% supported in all my work. I would definitely recommended taking an apprenticeship-especially with SEAC!, where else can you learn and earn at the same time?" Lucy (Apprentice School Clerical Assistant)

“I enjoyed a number of elements from my apprenticeship, including the job itself, the qualification and meeting many new people! I am so thankful for the work my Host Company, my Training Provider and my SEAC Account Manager have all put in to get me to the point I am now. I have absolutely loved my role and I'll never forget the opportunity I was given. This apprenticeship has proved I am worth so much and I've loved seeing the hard work I've put in pay off. I couldn't have done it without all the support I have been given and the fact I never stopped believing in myself. I love how everything was on the job and not in a classroom setting. I will definitely take on the skills I have learned to apply them in any future roles I may go into.” Chloe (Finance Operations Support Apprenticeship)