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Working with SEAC - The Apprenticeship Levy

Tuesday 31 January, 2017

SEAC is an accredited Apprenticeship Training Agency who can help you engage with Apprentices without employing direct. We have a plan to help you post Apprenticeship Levy which comes into being from 1st April 2017.

For you to put an apprentice employed direct by your company /organisation through an apprenticeship programme, you will be required to pay 100% of the cost of delivering the apprenticeship from your “Digital Account”  (Levy pot) direct to the Training provider.

We are proposing a model whereby SEAC could continue to support you with new entrant apprentices, which will not only be financially advantageous to you, but  will allow you to use your Levy pot to fund the upskilling and development of existing staff as part of your overall Workforce Development strategy

SEAC is not in scope of the levy so as the employer of the apprentices the “Co-Funding” model will apply to us.  This means that:

  • For apprentices aged 16-18 SEAC will be required to pay a 10% contribution of the overall capped cost of training delivery. The government will fund the remaining 90% of the cost with payments both from SEAC and the government going direct to the training provider.  
  • SEAC will not recharge this 10% to your organisation so the training delivery in essence will be cost free -instead of the 100% you would be required to pay out of your Levy pot for the delivery of the same apprenticeship. The exception to this will be for very expensive apprenticeships where we will negotiate how much of the 10% contribution SEAC will be responsible for and how much we will require you, as our Host Company, to pay.
  • For apprentices age 19+, SEAC will also be charged the required 10% contribution by the training provider, which we will then invoice your organisation /company for and the government will fund the remaining 90%. This will still mean a saving to your organisation /company of 90% of the overall cost.
  • Funding caps vary enormously from £2,000 upwards to in excess of £15,000 depending on the Apprenticeship Framework or Standard to be delivered (we can advise you on specific apprenticeships that you might be interested in).

This model would not only free up your Levy pot to use to develop existing staff through an apprenticeship route - for example to support a staff member through a degree apprenticeship, (more and more training providers are starting to offer degree apprenticeships within their portfolios) -  but would mean that putting an apprentice through a level 2 or 3 programme via SEAC, would cost you significantly less with the added benefit of our full Apprenticeship Management Service (our service fee would still apply).

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(Updated 20/03/2017)


Apprenticeship Levy FAQs Jan 2017