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Young people and the future economy - we’ll be there for you……

Friday 22 May, 2020

As people gradually return to work and you will be thinking of reopening/getting your business back on track do give some thought as to how an apprentice would be a valuable and cost effective addition to your human resource.

Crucial to rebuilding the UK economy will be highly skilled, motivated young people- the young people of today will be your workforce of tomorrow, helping your company recover and prosper through achieving economic growth.  Apprenticeships are a brilliant route for young people to gain those skills and experience and they’re great for business too – they are proved to improve business performance by increasing the overall skills of your workforce and in so doing achieve that crucial economic growth.

SEAC can provide you with a fully managed Apprenticeship service incorporating consultation on roles, Apprentice recruitment and employment, sourcing of training provision, arranging funding and full support through dedicated account management. 

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