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Working with SEAC as an Apprenticeship Levy paying business

SEAC is an accredited Apprenticeship Training Agency who offer a fully managed apprenticeship service, a key feature of which is that your company do not have to take on the responsibility of employing the apprentice direct. If you are a levy paying company you are allowed to transfer up to a maximum 25% of your annual apprenticeship levy funds to pay for the apprenticeship delivery for apprentices employed by SEAC.

Alternatively, you can use the “co-investment route” via SEAC to fund your apprenticeship(s)– we will advise you as to what the best option for your company is.

The charge for the delivery of the apprenticeship training and assessment will depend on the age of the apprentice that you take on placement and the cost will vary according to the apprenticeship framework or standard to be delivered.  We will advise you of this from the outset. The Government will pay 95% of the total funding cap for all apprenticeships funded through the co-investment route. In the majority of cases there will be no charge for apprentices aged 16-18.

Apprenticeship Funding Caps

Funding caps for specific apprenticeships can vary enormously from £2,000 for an Apprenticeship in Animal Care up to £27,000 for a Civil Engineering Apprenticeship (we can advise you on specific apprenticeships that you might be interested in).

The co-investment model would not only free up your levy pot to use to develop existing staff through an apprenticeship route - for example to support a staff member through a degree apprenticeship, (more and more training providers are starting to offer degree apprenticeships within their portfolios) - but would mean that putting an apprentice through a level 2 or 3 programme via SEAC, would cost you significantly less with the added benefit of our full Apprenticeship Management Service (our service fee would still apply).

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*Up to a maximum of £600 contribution.