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The Apprenticeship Levy FAQs

Q. How can I spend/utilise the apprenticeship levy fund?

A. The apprenticeship levy fund can only be spent on services provided by an approved Training Provider to a specified individual registered on an approved apprenticeship Framework / Standard.

Q. Can I use the fund to pay for apprenticeship training for apprentices that I have on placement with me but employed by SEAC?

A. Yes -you can transfer 25% of your annual “apprenticeship levy pot” to pay for the training and assessment for apprenticeship standards.

Q. Can I use my “levy pot” to fund apprenticeships for existing staff?

A. Yes, however, the apprenticeship levy cannot be used to fund any other type of CPD.

Q. Can the levy be spent to fund apprentices’ wages?

A. No, it can only be spent on apprenticeship delivery and not on any other costs associated with your apprentice (such as internal training).

Q. How much does apprenticeship training cost?

A. This varies considerably and is dependent on the level and framework / standard. SEAC is able to research and advise you on this on your behalf.

Q. What if my apprenticeship training costs are more than the levy payments I have made?

A. The proposal is that employers will be allowed to make further investment in order to top up their individual apprenticeship levy pot. The Government will also “top up” your fund by 10%.

Q. How long do employers have to claim back their levy funds on apprenticeships training?

A. Our understanding is that the apprenticeship levy contribution that you make will be valid for 24 months after it enters you digital account. If you do not claim it back, the unused levy will revert back to HM Treasury.