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Training Providers

Our remit is to secure apprenticeship opportunities for young people across a wide range of occupational sectors. We achieve this through working in partnership with our Apprenticeship Delivery Partners who comprise independent Training Providers and Colleges that hold contracts with the Education and Skills Funding Agency to deliver Apprenticeships in our region or nationally and meet SEAC's quality standards.

Mutually beneficial

Our partnership arrangements with providers achieve a mutually beneficial way of working together. Most frequently SEAC source the Host Companies, carry out the recruitment of the Apprentices and source an appropriate delivery partner to provide the training. However, providers are also able to use the SEAC model of delivery as a marketing tool in their own business development.


The SEAC service can be offered as a recruitment solution to those companies who would like to have an apprentice working in their business but, for what ever reason, are either reluctant or not in a position to employ an apprentice direct. This means that the provider secures an Apprenticeship training opportunity that, under the traditional model of delivery, would not normally have been available to them.

If an Apprentice comes "out of placement" for any reason it is SEAC's responsibility to secure an alternative Host Company to enable the Apprenticeship to continue. Meanwhile the Apprentice remains on full pay for 2 weeks.

Successful outcomes

SEAC do not ask our delivery partners to change their delivery process or methods or any of the paperwork they use and providers retain complete autonomy in respect of the Apprenticeship Framework / Standard delivery. SEAC act as an impartial problem solver and support our partners toward achieving a successful outcome for all parties.

If you would like to find out more about becoming one of our valued SEAC Apprenticeship Delivery Partners please contact ku.oc.pihsecitnerppa-es@enerI.

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"It is really good to have SEAC as my employers as they make sure everything runs smoothly and provide great support. It’s really helpful seeing my account manager for a regular check in, they are happy to talk about anything with me, celebrating the good times and helping if I’m having a wobble. My account manager is really experienced, it reassures me that I can’t surprise her! There’s almost always been another apprentice in the same boat. I like having an extra net to fall back on aside from my manager at the host company and my NVQ assessor. I feel like I have a really strong support network at work which makes me feel confident about my apprenticeship. I feel like I have grown and progressed a lot throughout my apprenticeship. I had very low self-confidence when I started, but with the continuous support of my account manager and the rest of the team around me, I am doing really well now! Jules is not only the queen of the pep talk, but she gives great practical advice that has helped me not just at work but in other areas of my life too."

Sophie Brannan, Business Administration Apprentice, Bucks County Council, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire