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How to Transfer Your Unspent Apprenticeship Levy

Did you know that you can re-invest your unspent apprenticeship levy to support small and medium size companies/enterprises (SME) in your community/supply chain to take on an apprentice?

Not only is this great PR, you can also link it to your corporate responsibility strategy - You'll be aiding small businesses’ economic recovery. Unspent apprenticeship levy goes back to the Treasury, however, it doesn’t have to if you decide to transfer it to a “good cause” first.

Helping you to help other organisations with a transfer of your unspent levy funds

SEAC is an Apprenticeship Training Agency and we will manage the entire process on your behalf, with no charge! You choose the types of apprenticeships, sectors and/or geographical areas you wish to support, we’ll source the companies that meet your donation criteria and enable them to take on an apprentice without incurring any cost in respect of their training delivery - it’s easy!

  • SEAC provide a fully managed apprenticeship service.
  • We will provide full support to the recipient organisation.
  • We recruit, employ and account manage apprentices through to completion.
  • We can also help you spend your levy internally if you are unable to employ apprentices directly. We employ and you 'host' the apprentice for the duration of their apprenticeship.

Do you have unspent Apprenticeship Levy?

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Would you like to benefit from Apprenticeship Levy Funding?

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Don’t let Apprenticeship Levy go unspent

At SEAC we are dedicated to creating apprenticeship opportunities by maximising the benefits of Apprenticeship Levy funds.

We would be delighted to discuss this with you and answer any questions you may have.

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