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What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a Government-funded training programme enabling people of all ages to train while they work. There are 1500 apprentice job roles, covering more than 170 industries, available in the UK across a broad range of occupations/sectors. Across the South East, East, South West, West Midlands and North West England, SEAC offers a wide choice of top apprenticeships based on demand from our Host Companies.

Apprentices provide improved productivity

Apprentices bring real benefits to both businesses and young people. National research has shown that the majority of businesses believe that apprenticeships improve productivity and make them more competitive. A high proportion of apprentices move into management positions in the company where they train.

No hassles

SEAC acts as a one-stop shop for all your apprenticeship requirements, from initial advice to employment. We remove all the administrative hassle of employing an apprentice and ensure that your staff are trained to a high standard with professional support.

Other benefits of taking on an apprentice include:

  • Harnessing new talent - Businesses need new blood if they are to develop and grow. Offering an apprenticeship makes it easier to recruit young people, even in industries that are facing chronic skills shortages.
  • Flexible workforce - Many organisations experience seasonal peaks and troughs in their workload. The Apprenticeships scheme allows you to take on apprentices as and when needed.
  • High quality of work - All apprentices are carefully monitored by our programme assessors and SEAC's own quality control systems. Their quality of work therefore is higher than that of non-apprentices.
  • Employee satisfaction - Apprentices are highly-motivated and keen to learn. They often work harder for your company than non-apprentices and will bring in plenty of new and fresh ideas.
  • Reduced costs - Experience shows that organisations taking on apprentices save money through improved productivity, government funding, less waste and fewer costs related to sick pay.
  • Local Apprenticeships - If your organisation is located in the London South East, East, South West, West Midlands and North West including Kent & Medway, and are looking to start an apprenticeship scheme, then we are able to source local apprentices close to your business.

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"Giving the chance of a life long dream career to a young person and seeing them develop and grow in front of you, is very rewarding and now thanks to the apprenticeships is a reality. Not only do you get the chance to give someone an opportunity that they wouldn't of otherwise gotten, you also get a keen, hard working individual, who is full of energy and ideas. A wonderful experience."

Louise Pennington-Lawrence, Pets at Home, Dunstable, Bedfordshire